Consultation, Testing & Simulations


We help you make the right packaging decisions with insightful information for your load safety and stability.

Our one of a kind, Lab-to-FieldTM approach in obtaining the optimum packaging solutions, is designed to solve your load stability issues in the field, to uncover the limitations and unknowns of your products transportation and in-transit environment.

Newton has some of the most exceptionally skilled professionals with years of experience in the packaging film industry. Combined with our cutting-edge lab facilities, Newton is capable of conduct intensive and comprehensive real-world tests and simulations to produce fact driven solutions to help you achieve optimum load stability and safety.

Newton will fulfil your packaging needs through the recommendation of optimum wrapping configurations, right use of packaging material, and other industrial best practices. We are confident that these recommendations would help you cut avoidable expenditure, reduce freight damage, increase safety standards, and even avoid unnecessarily high insurance premiums and troublesome claim processes.


Improve existing load stability performance

More effective load preparation

Long term cost saving in wrapping materials

Reduce freight damage

Reduce goods shipping insurance premiums