We provide professional training to your team or students in freighting processes, risks and best practices for optimum results in the packaging industry.

Load Stability & Safety
Load Preparation
Right Wrapping Materials Selections
Understanding Types Of Wrapping Machines & Capabilities
Transshipment Challenges
Simulation and testing
Assessing wrapping material

Besides providing insights in best packaging film solutions, Newton also aims to bridge the gap in knowledge by offering professional training to Fortune 500 companies, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), small/medium enterprises, governmental agencies and even individual clients, from an array of industries.

Training and education are crucial in developing our client’s awareness and understanding of the freighting processes, and the genuine risks of such transportation methods. Newton is dedicated to set a high industrywide-accepted standard when it comes to the safety and security of freight packaging and transport.

Newton offers courses on packaging materials and wrapping techniques, fast transshipment, and storage space-saving techniques. When you register for our training, you will learn the ins and outs involved throughout every step of the product distribution cycle, from goods packaging to delivery to on-shelf safety.

All workshops can be customized according to your education needs. Newton aims to provide a tailor-made educational experience which is relevant to your industry.

Newton is a HRDF Malaysia (Human Resource Development Fund) certified training Centre.