Improving Transportation Safety for Product, Materials and People.

Newton has partnered with the Dow Chemical Company to offer an industry-changing program known as ProtectionPlus. The purpose of this unique program is to help brand owners, manufacturers, and distributors throughout Asia to ensure the safety and reliable delivery of their valuable goods to final destinations.

OF ProtectionPlus

  • Improves protection of goods during transport
  • Reduces waste and associated costs
  • Protects workers and the public from injury or death due to improper or insufficient packaging and transportation
  • Supports and enhances sustainability efforts
  • Reduces costs of damaged goods claims and insurance premiums
  • Improves overall customer satisfaction
The Right Materials

Dow Chemical Company
Dow is a global leader in the development and production of polymers used in secondary and tertiary packaging materials.

The Right Logistics Solutions

Newton R&D Centre
Newton specializes in analysis, optimization, and innovation of load unit stability and optimal safety solutions

How ProtectionPlus Works

ProtectionPlus is a powerful collaborative effort between Dow and Newton. Dow’s advance understanding in packaging material science and formulation technology are combined with Newton’s impressive capabilities in transportation and logistic to create real and effective change in the packaging industry together. ProtectionPlus not only improves the cargo safety and provide protection to our clients, it also helps promote the adoption of higher quality transportation safety standards across Asia.