From the lab, we apply simulations and testing based on real-world dynamics, producing useful data for the in-the-field application. Our team of experts with years of experience will assist you in developing specifications, select the right equipment and material and analyse your data for optimum field application. In line with the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, Newton has crafted an approach to capitalise on Industry 4.0. The advancement of these technologies has empowered us to craft a solution that helps us focus on delivering solutions for your problems.

Our full Lab-to-Field approach is flexible and modular. Depending on your needs, our test, simulation and consultation can be customised to bring out the best results for your bottom line.


Film Application & Data Collection

We have state-of-the-art simulators that function to test palletised load stability and integrity. These simulators are designed to replicate real-life scenarios including weather phenomena and transportation movements. By doing so, we can verify whether your load will survive the long journey should any incidents occur along the way.


Data Collection & Processing

We have an integrated system to enable a seamless flow of simulation, testing and feedback loops for process effectiveness. Our state-of-the-art test and simulation hardware and in-house subsystems are interconnected allowing us to hook up the entire structure to the advanced cloud computing system. Extrusion machines, packaging wrappers and pitch and roll testing machines are some of the integrated devices. We'll collect sets of data as we run simulations and test cases, which will then be stored conveniently in the cloud. This allows us to analyse various data of large volume quickly, anywhere, anytime, enabling fast decisions to be made. We can also share live data with some of our selected clients or partners to optimise our process.


Data Collection & Processing & Data Security

In our rapidly evolving digital surroundings, the security risks have elevated substantially as well. To face these new challenges, Newton enlists the esteemed services of Trend Micro, a renowned multinational cybersecurity and defence company. The application of worry-free business security services protects the privacy and security of our company’s important data at all times.