Message Of Our Director



There has been a continuous down gauging trend in the primary and secondary packaging materials over the past 10 years. Besides cost saving, the trend is also pushed by progressive improvements in resin and extrusion technology. Then it was further accelerated during the economic slowdown and by a sharp increase of oil price especially in 2008.

Reduction in primary and secondary packaging materials has resulted less stable loads and greater dependency on the optimal tertiary packaging. The lack of networking among the stakeholders in the logistic/supply chain does not help to improve the load stability issues.

According to KU Leuven University, 4% of goods were damaged upon arrival in Europe. There are approximately 1.25 million lives cut short as a result of road accidents each year. While the number of car accidents is expected to decrease thanks for innovative vehicle technology, the effect of technological improvements in trucks are less effective without proper securing of the cargo on vehicles. Concerning these facts, Newton was established to explore and provide optimal packaging solution for palletized loads. Scientific data are collected, analyzed using the state-of-the-art equipment and wrapping/strapping machines in Newton. We aim to compile a matrix of packaging solutions for the various segments of industries. Ultimately, it would help our customers to reduce injuries in warehouses and the logistic chain, minimize product damage, reduce packaging cost and decrease carbon footprint. Newton will continue to strive for excellence.


Dato Ang Poon Khim
Group Executive Director