We provide professional training to your team or students in freighting processes, risks and best practices for optimum results in the packaging industry.


Equip your team with industry’s best practices & knowledge and help improve freight packaging stability

Our training courses aim to create awareness of the importance of load stability and to share our broad knowledge and experience in load preparation and configuration with you and your team. Training courses are customizable to suit your needs to ensure maximum practicality and relevant to your industry.

Understand the differences of  wrapping materials

Knowledge in Load Stability & Case Studies Sharing

Load Preparation

Wrapping Configurations

Film Performance Test


Innovatively invent new and improves methods to maximize load stability and maximizing the utilization of wrapping material.

Our R&D team consists of exceptionally skilled technicians who are capable in carry out large scale research projects to help you design new solutions in solving your load stability dilemmas.

We analyze your existing load preparation through real life simulations tests to identify the existing load stability performance, potential weaknesses and risks, explore the opportunities to maximize efficiency & productivity in load preparation.

Whether it is on site audit or sending your palletized goods to Newton for testing, our expertise will guarantee total satisfaction. With range of mobile testing devises and in-house cutting-edge simulation equipment, we can provide highly accurate result and offer improvement solutions to solve your load stability issues.



We provide validation and certification for your packaging if it passes the straight and through tests based on the established packaging guidelines from internationally recognized association such as ISTA and EUMOS.

When you receive a Newton endorsement, it is an acknowwledgement of your adherence to legal guidelines set by the authority such as police / customs officers or other transportation related governmental bodies.


Newton had collaborated with ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. which is one of the largest petrochemical company on 16 August 2018.

Newton and ExxonMobil had shared vision in development of plastic film packaging and logistic operation which lead to this collaboration through innovative solutions by test simulation, analyses and consultancy.